Bobby Kuhn is a writer, ENTHUSIAST, and father of 0. He has a very expensive degree from Vanderbilt University and another very expensive degree from Miami Ad School. He has skillfully manipulated his way into employment at BBDO and R/GA. He then GOT HIS FIRST full-time, big boy job at Leo Burnett. Most importantly, Bobby has never dabbed in his life. This will be a major selling point in 2-3 years.

*the above picture is intended to create an enigmatic aura.

If you feel like giving me a buzz on the ole' rotary: (615) 557-4966

If you feel like checking out all my advanced statistics, here's my LinkedIn.

If you feel like you need proof I’m not lying about all this, here’s my resume

Hey Dude, I've won some medals, wanna check em out? 

  • D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil, 2016.

  • D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil, 2017

  • Young Glory Shortlist, 2016.

  • Graphis New Talent Gold, 2016.

  • ADDY's Miami Gold, 2017.

  • ADDY's Miami Silver x3, 2017.

  • Chip Shop Awards Winner, 2017.

  • Chip Shop Awards Finalist, 2017.

  • Summit Creative Awards Gold, 2017.