Bobby Kuhn/Copywriter



Bobby Kuhn is a writer, filmmaker, and father of 0. He has a very expensive degree from Vanderbilt University and another very expensive degree from Miami Ad School. He has skillfully manipulated his way into employment at BBDO and R/GA. He then got a full-time big boy job at Leo Burnett. Most importantly, Bobby has never dabbed in his life. This will be a major selling point in 2-3 years.

*the above picture is intended to create an enigmatic aura.

If you feel like giving me a buzz on the ole' rotary: (615) 557-4966

If you feel like checking out all my advanced statistics: Here's My LinkedIn

Hey Dude, I've won some medals, wanna check em out? 

  • D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil, 2016.
  • D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil, 2017
  • Young Glory Shortlist, 2016.
  • Graphis New Talent Gold, 2016.
  • ADDY's Miami Gold, 2017.
  • ADDY's Miami Silver x3, 2017.
  • Chip Shop Awards Winner, 2017.
  • Chip Shop Awards Finalist, 2017.
  • Summit Creative Awards Gold, 2017.