The British Army was looking for a way to reach a new and diverse audience while retaining it's slogan Be The Best. This copy driven campaign serves as a reminder to Great Britain and it’s inhabitants that what makes The British Army great is the same thing that makes Great Britain great, the strong collection of individuals with unique skill sets and backgrounds. 


(D&AD Wood Pencil, 2017)




The anthem spot for this campaign is written as a first person dialogue between The British Army and Its country. 



Dear British Army,

Blanks represent what makes you, your unique self. The British Army creates a fill in the blank letter that aims to create interest from one of a kind individuals. The letter can be ripped out and sen directly to the British army with postage stickers that lie on the page itself.

Tailored to you

Once the letter is filled out and delivered. A personalized recruitment package will be sent to the individual with job opportunities that fit their skill-sets and personality.

The Path To the Top

The British Army's Slogan "Be the Best" means many things. Mostly, it just means that being your best at whatever you do, will take you to the top of your chosen path.